The realm of prosecco DOCG

The estate is situated in the Valdobbiadene DOCG territory an area which, for centuries, has been suited to growing grapes.

The chemical composition of the soil and its microclimate (mild winters, hot summers and spring and autumn rainfall), as well as its equidistance between the Dolomites and the Adriatic sea, give the grapes character and fragrance.

It is a place that is imbued with charm, which in addition to its enological specialties also offers historical, artistic and natural attractions. From Col San Martino, hills adorned with small churches and historical monuments stretch as far as eye can see.

In the surrounding areas one can visit Chiesetta di San Vigilio with its frescoes dating back to 1400, the Chiesetta di San Lorenzo (13th – 16th century) and the medieval Torri di Credazzo (10th century). The twentieth-century Tempietto di San Martino (1927), dedicated to the saint of Tours, is a place of worship for women who wish to have children.

Conegliano, home to the Scuola Enologica and research institutions, is considered the cultural center of the Prosecco wine area, while Valdobbiadene, which hosts the Mostra Nazionale del Prosecco every year, is its productive heart.

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