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Prosecco Superiore


In September, after being hand-harvested, the grapes get lightly pressed in order to obtain the must, which will eventually decant in steel tanks. The clear part gets separated and later fermented at a temperature of 16°-20° for about 15-20 days. Here, the grape yeasts transform sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide and emanate the aromas.

The process of sparkling wine production starts thereafter with the Charmat Method (or the Martinotti Method), that is to say a second fermentation takes place in specific pressured autoclaves. The yeasts keep breaking down sugar for 30 days, producing this way the mild bubbles which distinguish our sparkling wines.

In the traditional method used to produce the “vino col fondo”, this refermentation takes place in the bottle. The remaining yeasts of the wine, awaken by the springtime temperatures, naturally start the bubbles production!

From the grapevine to the wine



    In the hills of Col San Martino we find a combination of lime-clay soils and marls, elements that confer minerality and fruity aromas to the wines. The Southern exposition encourages the photosynthesis and therefore the generous production of sugar, while the mountains protect the vineyards from the temperature excursions. The steep slopes guarantee an excellent draining of the soil.


    The geomorphological features of the soil prevent the mechanical production. The phases of vine training, pruning and harvesting are all exclusively handmade. Sometimes, the slopes are so steep that has been coined the term ``heroic viticulture``. We work hard everyday to make a sustainable business for the world we live in. We adopted vine defense techniques in line with the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards, techniques that respond to the contingency of the wine year.


    We developed a system of drip irrigation for the driest periods. The hand-laid aluminium pipes take the water from a well.

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